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Content to help church board members learn an grow.

Is the Church Responsible for Pastor Burnout?

If every church were to follow the commands of the Bible about how to treat their pastor, many (but not all) of the causes of burnout would disappear.

Help Your Pastor Become a Better Preacher

A pastor can’t stand in front of a congregation and say “I’ve got nothing to say this week,” even though that may be exactly how he feels.

How to Grow in the Character of Christ

A guide for elders. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the following list of eight practices will develop and grow the character of Christ in the heart of a Christian leader. The elders of the church should use a list like this to ensure they are following Christ as the head of the church. Be Transformed […]
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5 Desires of a True Elder

When we look at the biblical requirements for being an elder, they focus primarily on character rather than skills (see 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9). So what does the heart of an elder look like?

A Self-Check for Elders

What are the wrong reasons to be an elder in the church?

Church Board Armistice

Is it possible to have disagreement without division?

How to Spend 30 Minutes in Silence with God

Have you ever spent 30 minutes in silence alone with God? I can hear what you’re thinking – “I could never spend 30 minutes in silence!” You’re right. If your focus is to spend 30 minutes in silence, the noise in your own head will make it almost impossible. However, if your focus is to […]
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Top 5 Books For Burned-Out Pastors (and Those Who Love Them)

These books aren’t just for pastors. Every leader would benefit from the principles in most of them. Also, if you care for your pastor, I deeply recommend that you read these books.

10 More Great Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Take some time to encourage your pastor this week. He probably needs it.

10 Great Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Nothing will inspire your pastor more or give him more joy than to see how you are growing in Christ.