The Hope Renewed Podcast

A resource from PIR Ministries
Hosted by Tom Jameson & Sean Nemecek

Tom and Sean post two podcasts per month featuring topics that related to pastors and the ministry of PIR. Tom and Sean are ministry coaches who bring decades of pastoral experience and understanding to the podcast. Together with specially chosen guests, they offer new hope to pastors who may be frustrated, discouraged, stuck, or just looking to grow in ministry.

From Burnout to Burning Bright – Jason Eddy Hope Renewed

Each of us has a story which serves as a testimony to God's grace in our lives. Some of these stories involve deep pain and potential ruin. Others are stories of perseverance and discovery. All of them point to Jesus and the hope of his gospel. In this episode of Hope Renewed, PIR's own Jason Eddy opens his heart and shares his story of burnout and recovery. From a promising beginning in ministry, through an almost catatonic crash, to a renewed and flourishing role in service and ministry, Jason traces the hand of God at work in, around and through him as he navigated an incredibly difficult time of life and ministry. What shines clearly in his story is the One, True God who renews hope and sets our feet on solid ground.
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  2. Ministry in a Rural Context – Jon Sanders
  3. Where Mind and Ministry Meet – Charles Stone
  4. Every Pastor Needs a Coach
  5. Ministry at Full Strength – Denny Howard