Welcome! I’m Sean Nemecek, founder of The Pastor’s Soul. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among the pastors I know and serve – many are burning out, some are failing morally and a few good pastors have been forced out of their churches. I believe this trend is wreaking havoc on the church. This ministry exists to reverse that trend (as God provides). My desire is to bless the church by investing in the health and joy of pastors.

If you are a pastor, in a pastor’s family, or a member of a church, this website is for you. Each article will contain practical insights to help you apply what we teach. You can gain even more insight by joining the discussion in our Facebook group (also called The Pastor’s Soul). There you can ask questions of pastors, pastors’ spouses, and church members to grow in your understanding of the soul of a pastor.

Thank you for loving pastors and the church!

Blessings, Pastor Sean