Our Vision

This is where we hope to go. . .
  1. Articles that are clear and accessible for each area of training.
  2. Social media accounts to encourage healthy and open community discussion around the issues and solutions.
  3. Book and podcast reviews.
  4. Guest articles and interviews from top experts and regular pastors, families, or church leaders.
  5. Collaboration with others in similar ministries. Sharing their content and promoting their ministries.
  6. Become a 501(c)3 charitable organization to establish a base of financial donors so we can keep things free or very inexpensive.
  7. Video-based training.
  8. Workshops & Retreats
  9. A retreat center for training and spiritual retreats for pastors and their families.
  10. Weekend conference for church leaders.
  11. Establish regional retreat centers and training weekends.