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Your Pastor’s Constant Burden

When you are struggling in your fight against sin, your pastor is there to encourage you in Christ. Who encourages your pastor in his fight?

Signs Your Pastor Needs Rest

Compassion fatigue in pastors is a serious problem. As a pastor, I love to help people find joy and freedom in Christ because I love people. I find that love draws me to people who are willing to admit their pain or their sin – people who want to be healed. Through this gift of […]
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7 Ways to Nourish Your Soul Through Bible Reading

Good nourishment provides the body with everything it needs for growth, strength, and health. We have food pyramids, nutrition apps, and even personal trainers to help us keep our bodies in good condition. Why do we spend so much time caring for the body while neglecting the state of our souls? What good is a […]
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On the Sacred Privilege of Being a Pastor’s Wife

Last year I had the honor of reviewing Kay Warren’s book Sacred Privilege over at the Converge MidAmerica website. It’s a book I recommend all ministry wives should read, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it over here at The Pastor’s Soul. Here’s a link to the full review, which I hope you’ll check it […]
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To the Pastor’s Wife, When Your Husband Feels Defeated

My husband Sean and I have been married for 21 years, and for 17 of those years he has been in full-time pastoral ministry. Heading into marriage, I knew God was calling Sean to be a pastor. And I knew that living out this call would not be easy. But I never fully grasped how […]
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A Pastor’s Son Tells of His Father’s Burnout.

We Did Not Know to Call It Burnout When I arrived at my father’s office, I saw him sitting in the chair behind his desk crying. My mother was at his side. Several deacons and other leaders of the congregation were also in the room. It turns out my father was preaching, had a panic […]
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9 Spiritual Battles Your Pastor Fights

At times, being a pastor means just trying to survive the constant barrage of spiritual assaults. Use the following list to help you understand and pray for your pastor.

Pastor, Are You Burned Out?

Burnout is a prolonged feeling of depression, joylessness, or anxiety. In pastors there are several symptoms that signify full-blown burnout. Before reaching that depth, there are signs that burnout may be on its way if things don’t change. Below are partial lists of symptoms for pre-burnout and total burnout.

How I Climbed Out of Burnout

This is what I did to get out of the deep depression of ministry burnout.

Is the Church Responsible for Pastor Burnout?

If every church were to follow the commands of the Bible about how to treat their pastor, many (but not all) of the causes of burnout would disappear.