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Invest in Your Pastor’s Joy

How well you care for your pastor will determine how well your pastor can care for you and your church. It doesn’t account for everything, but your pastor cannot minister to his full potential if the church is not investing in his joy.

10 More Great Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Take some time to encourage your pastor this week. He probably needs it.

How Encouraging Your Pastor Benefits You

Your pastor’s joy is one of the most powerful forces for growth in your church. When a pastor is joyful, the whole church reaps the benefits.

6 Things the Bible Says About Loving Your Pastor

Notice how your relationship with your pastor changes as these principles and commands work their way into your heart.

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have a story of how God led you through ministry based depression, burnout, or church conflict?Your story may help others who are struggling. We’d love to share your story with the Church. Tell us your story here.