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Unfair Expectations On the Pastor’s Wife

Unfair expectations can make the pastor’s wife suffer in silence.

Unfair Expectations On the Pastor’s Wife.

by Kristi Gaultiere
This article covers the needs of a pastor’s wife, resources for pastors’ wives, and statistics about the pastor’s wife role. 

From the Soul Shepherding website.

Sean Nemecek is the West Michigan Regional Director for Pastor-in-Residence Ministries ( He also writes a blog called The Pastor’s Soul ( and is a co-host for the Hope Renewed podcast. Before joining PIR, Sean served as a pastor in a local church for almost 18 years. As a third-generation pastor, he loves to serve pastors in the areas of personal soul care, leadership, and consulting and workshops for churches or leadership teams. Copy and paste this link to subscribe to Sean's PIR ministry newsletter.

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