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The Pastor’s Soul is now connected with the Hope Renewed podcast! In this first of what we hope is many episodes, I talk with podcast host, Tom Jameson, about the article Searching For Shalom. In this episode we explore the need for Sabbath rest and why so many pastors are missing it. This discussion is the first in a three-part series. Be sure to subcribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app  so you don’t miss the rest of the discussion.

The Hope Renewed Podcast is a ministry of Pastor-in-Residence Ministries (PIR). You can learn more about us at pirministries.org. Here’s a brief description of how we seek to bring new hope to pastors through this podcast:

“Ministry life is challenging – to say the least. Many pastors need encouragement as they face a time of uncertainty, crisis or transition. Drawing from the experience and wisdom of those who deeply care for the lives of pastors, their families and the local church, these podcasts speak to many of the core issues facing today’s ministry leader. Join the PIR Staff and others as they offer a message of Gospel hope as well as insights on how pastors can protect their future and guard their present.”

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Our Mission:

To partner with God and the Church in the work of pastoral renewal and restoration, to cultivate new hope for healthy ministry lives.
To that end,

  • We build relationships with pastors and churches to promote a culture of ministry health.
  • We provide a process of restoration when a pastoral family has experienced a forced termination of their ministry.
  • We provide proven resources and tools that assist pastors in the challenges they face in ministry life.

Sean Nemecek is the West Michigan Regional Director for Pastor-in-Residence Ministries (pirministires.org). He also writes a blog called The Pastor’s Soul (pastorsoul.com) and is a co-host for the Hope Renewed podcast. Before joining PIR, Sean served as a pastor in a local church for almost 18 years. As a third-generation pastor, he loves to serve pastors in the areas of personal soul care, leadership, and consulting and workshops for churches or leadership teams. Copy and paste this link to subscribe to Sean's PIR ministry newsletter. https://mailchi.mp/3c5a9b6d41f5/nemeceknews

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