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Why you should make your pastor take a sabbatical

6 reasons pastor sabbaticals are good for your church Several years ago I experienced deep spiritual fatigue. You can read about this burnout in The Year I Lost My Mind. During this time, I had an intuitive sense that I needed rest – the kind of Sabbath rest that deepens relationship with God and others. […]
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Don’t Check Your Soul at the Door

How to make leadership meetings spiritual again Many leadership meetings are purely secular – they have no reference to God at all. You just hang your soul at the door and put it on again on your way out. – Ruth Haley Barton Last month my wife and I drove through blizzard conditions to hear […]
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Church Board Armistice

Is it possible to have disagreement without division?

The Year I Lost My Mind

My hardest year in ministry was the year of the Inquisition.

How to Create Helpful Ministry Reviews Without a Firing Squad

I asked a fellow pastor, “What’s the review process like in your church?”
He said,”It’s a firing squad.”

Building Boundaries for Pastors

boundaries must be mutually agreed upon. If you force things on your pastor, you are treating him like your servant. He is God’s servant (as are you). Mutual respect, grace, and love are how boundaries are best formed.

The Limit of a Pastor’s Authority

When we give someone responsibility for a job we must also give them the freedom and authority to accomplish the job. If we don’t, we are guaranteeing their frustration and poor performance. . . However, because we are human, all freedom comes with limits. The limits of our freedom must be clearly defined or we will move out of responsibility into controlling behavior. No one likes a control freak!

Minimum Expectations for the Pastor

Now it’s time to turn our attention to our ministry responsibilities. It’s important to establish these boundaries for every ministry in the church, not just for the pastor. Each elder, deacon, staff member, and volunteer ministry leader should know where the boundaries of their ministry lie.

Safe Ministry Relationships

The relationship of church members to their pastors can often be a list of boundary violations.

Who Gets to Decide?

Often there is a dilemma when it comes to decisions. Who is in charge? Who has authority? Who has the final say?