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Don’t Check Your Soul at the Door

How to make leadership meetings spiritual again Many leadership meetings are purely secular – they have no reference to God at all. You just hang your soul at the door and put it on again on your way out. – Ruth Haley Barton Last month my wife and I drove through blizzard conditions to hear […]
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How to Grow in the Character of Christ

A guide for elders. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the following list of eight practices will develop and grow the character of Christ in the heart of a Christian leader. The elders of the church should use a list like this to ensure they are following Christ as the head of the church. Be Transformed […]
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5 Desires of a True Elder

When we look at the biblical requirements for being an elder, they focus primarily on character rather than skills (see 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9). So what does the heart of an elder look like?

Church Board Armistice

Is it possible to have disagreement without division?

How to Create Helpful Ministry Reviews Without a Firing Squad

I asked a fellow pastor, “What’s the review process like in your church?”
He said,”It’s a firing squad.”

A Ministry Leadership MasterClass

with Rob Tarnoviski – 200Churches Podcast If you are a church leader, board member, or pastor listen to episode 303 of the 200 Churches Podcast. https://www.200churches.com/blog/episode-303-a-ministry-leadership-masterclass-with-rob-tarnoviski

Boundaries for Pastors and Church Boards

Boundary violations can be most egregious among church leaders – especially in the board room. This cancerous plague is killing churches and destroying the lives of church leaders, pastors, and pastors’ families. It’s high time we do something about it.

The Pastor’s Soul Mission Statement

Our mission is to address the growing trends of pastor burnout, moral failure, and forced exit by providing training and support for churches, pastors, and their families. Purpose: This training will focus on: Self-care for a pastor’s heart – soul, mind, emotions, and body. Train churches how to care for their pastor and his family. Teach pastors […]
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