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Managing Leadership Anxiety

Steve Cuss joins the Hope Renewed podcast to talk about how pastors and other leaders can better manage their chronic anxiety.

Every leader struggles with anxiety from time to time. What’s a leader to do if that anxiety becomes chronic? Steve Cuss, knows what it’s like to be an anxious leader and he knows how to manage anxiety well. He joins us on the Hope Renewed podcast to talk about his book Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs.

Steve, Tom Jameson, and I talk about how childhood vows, family of origin, and our inner critic can contribute to our anxiety. We also discuss some practical ways to manage this anxiety.

This episode isn’t just for pastors — any leader would benefit from Steve’s instruction. At one point in the episode, Steve walks me through my own anxiety and how to manage it. He listens to my inner critic and mirrors back to me what he hears. This powerful tool can help any leader tame their own inner critic.

Steve Cuss smiling and  sitting calmly on a park bench with his legs crossed and one arm resting on the top of the bench. Steve is the author of Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs

I highly recommend Steve’s book. I’ve used the principles in it to help me with my own anxiety and to coach other leaders through theirs. I’ve never been disappointed by the understanding and practical resources that Steve lays out. I’ve seen lives and leadership changed through this material!

Check out a preview of the book below and if you want to learn more about Steve Cuss, visit his website stevecusswords.com.

If you want to explore more ways to manage anxiety and become a better leader, check out Steve’s new masterclass Capable Life. Here you’ll find monthly videos, coaching, and discussions on how you can live a more calm, aware, present life.

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