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A Pastor on the Front Lines

The Hope Renewed podcast interview with pastor Doug Smith. A pastor who faced forced exit by relying on God's grace.

In this episode of Hope Renewed we talk with Doug Smith, a pastor on the front lines of rural ministry. Doug’s story is an amazing picture of how faith in God can help a ministry couple weather any storm. Doug faced a forced exit for bringing too may new believers and unchurched people into his church.

When people in the church lose power, sometimes the pastor pays the price. In this episode you’ll learn how one exited pastor and his family navigated this pain. You’ll also see how God cares for his faithful shepherds. This is a story of seeming failure turned to success through patiently relying on God’s provision.

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PIR Ministries stands ready to help

If you are a pastor facing forced exit, PIR Ministries stands ready to help. They have an experienced staff and proven programs to help pastors through the pain of forced exit, ministry burnout, or moral failure. At PIR they create a healing space for you and your family.

Hope Renewed is a ministry of to pastors who need encouragement as they face a time of uncertainty, crisis or transition. Drawing from the experience and wisdom of those who deeply care for the lives of pastors, their families and the local church, these podcasts speak to many of the core issues facing today’s ministry leader. Join the PIR Staff and others as they offer a message of Gospel hope as well as insights on how pastors can protect their future and guard their present.

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Sean Nemecek is the West Michigan Regional Director for Pastor-in-Residence Ministries (pirministires.org). He also writes a blog called The Pastor’s Soul (pastorsoul.com) and is a co-host for the Hope Renewed podcast. Before joining PIR, Sean served as a pastor in a local church for almost 18 years. As a third-generation pastor, he loves to serve pastors in the areas of personal soul care, leadership, and consulting and workshops for churches or leadership teams. Copy and paste this link to subscribe to Sean's PIR ministry newsletter. https://mailchi.mp/3c5a9b6d41f5/nemeceknews

3 comments on “A Pastor on the Front Lines

  1. Pastors have a difficult time ours just found another job…

    • I’m so sorry. It’s hard to lose a pastor. Did he switch careers or find a new church? The environment that Covid has created for many pastors is highly stressful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard pastors say, “I’m not sure how much longer I can do this.” Hopefully, your pastor felt God calling them to move and wasn’t one of the victims of the toxic anger so many are experiencing right now.

      • He felt called to a different church in an area predominantly Spanish speaking. This is a church plant so although we will miss him and his family I believe he is following Gods call to shepherd these people

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